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Award-winning writer and Louisville native Susan Reigler is the author of Kentucky Bourbon Country: The Essential Travel Guide (adopted as a textbook for the University of Kentucky’s Bourbon Tourism course), Kentucky Sweet & Savory: Finding the Artisan Foods and Beverages of the Bluegrass State, and is co-author of The Bourbon Tasting Notebook and The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book.  From 1992 to 2007, she was the restaurant critic, beverage columnist, and travel writer for the Louisville Courier-Journal and has been a judge for the James Beard Foundation Restaurant Awards since 1997. She also currently writes Kentucky restaurant reviews for the international travel and entertainment website,

Reigler, who is a certified Executive Bourbon Stewart (Kentucky Distillers Association), has conducted bourbon tastings from Seattle to Savannah and has led tastings to benefit non-profit organizations including Locust Grove, Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, The Falls of the Ohio Foundation, and the Louisville Legal Aid Society. She is a member (along with bourbon writers Carla Carlton and Michael Veach) of Louisville liquor retailer Party Mart’s Bourbon Board of Directors, which has the very pleasant responsibility for selecting barrels from Kentucky’s leading bourbon distilleries for exclusive store bottlings. Currently, she serves as the president of the Bourbon Women Association, which has more than 900 members in 34 states.

Reigler holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Indiana University and a master’s degree in zoology from Oxford University, which she attended as a Humphrey Scholar. She is a lecturer and research associate in biology at Indiana University Southeast where her current research is an investigation into the possible effects of bourbon warehouse staining on polymorphism in geometrid moths.

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