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Michael Dietsch is a writer, editor, blogger, drinker, husband of ten years, and stay-at-home dad.

His first book, SHRUBS, premiered in September 2014 from Countryman Press, a division of W. W. Norton. SHRUBS explores the history of the beverage called shrub, from its origins in the Middle East up through to its modern use in the trendiest cocktail bars and restaurants.

His second book, WHISKEY, arrives in May 2016, also from Countryman. WHISKEY covers the history of the venerable brown beverage, the differences between — say — bourbon and scotch, and the abundance of cocktail applications for all the many different whiskeys of the world.

Dietsch and family live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. When he’s not writing, blogging, editing, drinking, husbanding, and dadding, he likes to cook, bike, walk, and smoke cigars, though seldom all at once. He used to like to grill and smoke meats and vegetables in his spare time, but he currently lacks a yard. Or for that matter, spare time.