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I’m Kayleigh, and I’ve always been a writer.

It started early. In fifth grade, I wrote short stories and won a statewide poetry contest. But I soon turned my obsessive curiosity a into a job at my high school newspaper, which gave me an excuse to ask a million questions of anyone and everyone.

Over the years though, I’ve also worked as a marketing copywriter and “account man” for a Washington, D.C. agency. My two year stint as an incognito luxury hotel, spa and restaurant evaluator for Forbes Travel Guide was one of my most interesting experiences. Evaluating dozens of properties against really tough facility and service standards for coveted star ratings is pretty rewarding when it’s anonymous and fair.

My first book, Booze for Babes: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Drinking Spirits Right, was aimed at empowering ladies to counter stereotypes by knowing their way around fine liquors. It also celebrated female distillers, bartenders and entrepreneurs.