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Aidan McNally – Brand Ambassador – Southern California
Teeling Whiskey

Aidan McNally is the Teeling Whiskey Company’s Brand Ambassador from right here in Southern California. He is a passionate and knowledgeable individual who has worked in all aspects of the Irish whiskey industry educating customers on the long history of the spirit, its current booming popularity and its exciting future.

He has done this from behind the bar in several locations throughout Ireland and through his time at the Irish Whiskey Museum & in his role in Irish Whiskey Tours, where he brought people through Dublin city’s rich whiskey history.

In addition to the trinity of Teeling whiskey’s available throughout the US, Aidan also brings with him a bottle of the Teeling 24 year old, the oldest Irish single malt to ever be commercially available in the United States and a distillery exclusive single cask bottling, only available from the visitor center in the new Teeling Distillery in Dublin. Exciting stuff indeed!