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[za_team_member member_img=”13536″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”facebook” member_social_2=”twitter” member_name=”Fred Minnick” member_link=”” member_position=”Author, Speaker, & Photographer” member_social_1_link=”” member_social_2_link=”” member_desc=”Wall Street Journal best-selling author Fred Minnick wrote the award-winning Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch and Irish Whiskey as well as Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker. Minnick writes about whiskey for Covey Rise, Whisky Advocate, and Whisky magazines.”]
[za_team_member member_img=”13537″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”facebook” member_social_2=”twitter” member_name=”Bernie Lubbers” member_link=”” member_position=”Whiskey Professor – Brand Ambassador at Heaven Hill Distilleries” member_social_1_link=”″ member_social_2_link=”” member_desc=”In his role as American Whiskey Brand Ambassador, Bernie Lubbers further enhances the ascending profile of the Heaven Hill American Whiskey Collection among both consumers and trade. In addition, he educates these parties on history, production, laws and standards of the products in the Heaven Hill American Whiskey family.”]
[za_team_member member_img=”13538″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”facebook” member_social_2=”twitter” member_name=”Chuck Cowdery” member_link=”” member_position=”Writer, Author” member_social_1_link=”” member_social_2_link=”” member_desc=”Charles K. Cowdery is an internationally renowned whiskey writer, specializing
in American whiskey. He is a Kentucky Colonel (Patton, 206) and a member of
the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame (2009). He is the author of Bourbon,
Strange: Surprising Stories of American Whiskey (2014), “]
[za_team_member member_img=”13539″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”facebook” member_social_2=”twitter” member_name=”Edward Lee” member_link=”” member_position=”Chef, Author” member_social_1_link=”” member_social_2_link=”” member_desc=”Chef Edward Lee is the chef/owner of 610 Magnolia, The Wine Studio & MilkWood in Louisville, KY and the culinary director for Succotash in Maryland. He has received multiple finalist nominations for the James Beard Foundation Awards Best Chef: Southeast. “]
[za_team_member member_img=”13540″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”facebook” member_social_2=”twitter” member_name=”Michael Veach” member_link=”” member_position=”Author” member_social_1_link=”” member_social_2_link=”” member_desc=”Michael R. Veach is one of the foremost authorities on all things Bourbon. He is a recognized author whose articles are featured in numerous publications. Veach published the now-widely acclaimed book Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage in 2013. He recently released his second book, The Bourbon Tasting Notebook, co-authored with a respected colleague.”]
[za_team_member member_img=”13541″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”twitter” member_name=”Susan Reigler” member_link=”” member_position=”Author” member_social_1_link=”” member_desc=”Award-winning writer and Louisville native Susan Reigler is the author of Kentucky Bourbon Country: The Essential Travel Guide (adopted as a textbook for the University of Kentucky’s Bourbon Tourism course), Kentucky Sweet & Savory: Finding the Artisan Foods and Beverages of the Bluegrass State, and is co-author of The Bourbon Tasting Notebook”]
[za_team_member member_img=”13542″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”facebook” member_social_2=”twitter” member_name=”Davin de Kergommeaux” member_link=”” member_position=”Author” member_social_1_link=”” member_social_2_link=”” member_desc=”Davin de Kergommeaux is the author of the award-winning book, Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert, the definitive guide to Canadian whisky. An independent whisky expert, de Kergommeaux has been writing about, talking about, and teaching about whisky for nearly twenty years. His book presents first-hand knowledge of every significant Canadian distillery, past and present, based on site visits,”]
[za_team_member member_img=”13543″ link_target=”_blank” member_social_1=”facebook” member_social_2=”twitter” member_name=”Molly Wellmann” member_link=”” member_position=”Mixologist, Entrepreneur, and Author ” member_social_1_link=”” member_social_2_link=”” member_desc=”Molly Wellmann, a self-taught mixologist, entrepreneur, and author from Cincinnati, Ohio, has immersed herself in the knowledge of craft and classic cocktails and fine spirits, and together with her partners, co-owns and operates, Wellmann’s Brands.”]
[za_team_member member_img=”13544″ link_target=”_blank” member_name=”Chet Zoeller” member_link=”” member_position=”Author” member_desc=”Chester “Chet” Zoeller was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1941. He was raised in the shadow of Churchill Downs and lived within a few short blocks of many of the largest distilleries of the day; the Yellowstone, Seagram’s, Hill & Hill, and Stitzel-Weller distilleries were all within smelling distance.”]